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Your $1,000 donation supports CPATH‚ Equipment Closet Program. 

This program facilitates the exchange and reuse of pediatric durable medical equipment to anyone in need, at no cost. We want to ensure that every person has access to equipment that will meet their needs. Wheelchairs, walkers, standers, car seats, or adaptive bikes‚ CPATH is here to help.

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Your $500 donation helps support the CPATH Grant Program.

CPATH's Grant Program is available year-round to provide financial assistance for families, caregivers, and individuals living with cerebral palsy. The program includes access to funds for items such as equipment, therapies, camps, recreation, and medical bills.

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Your $250 donation covers the cost of (1) camper to attend our amazing and sought-out Camp CPals!

This adaptive overnight weekend family camp has facilities that are modified with features to meet the needs of our special campers, making Camp CPals 100% barrier-free! Kids will participate in fishing, canoeing, zip lines, giant swings, and archery ‚ many for the first time!

At Camp CPals, individuals learn what they CAN do.

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Your donation to our Power Soccer Team "The Green Machines" will be a huge SCORE!!

The "Green Machines" is a Power Soccer Team under the collaboration of CPATH and Round Rock Parks Rec.

As a new program to CPATH, we are dedicated to developing and growing this incredible sport for some truly amazing athletes!  Our athletes need power chairs, guards, balls, and nets as well ongoing coaching, training, and gymnasium space!

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Your $50 donation helps make community events like adaptive rowing, ice skating, hockey, climbing, or our annual trip to Morgan's Wonderland possible.

CPATH teams with community partners to provide year-round activities and events customized to be accessible and exciting for the whole family!

When you support CPATH adaptive sports & recreation, you are supporting hours of activity, building confidence, independence, endurance, inclusion, and more. Barriers are removed and opportunities are limitless.

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Your $10 donation will LIGHT UP our pathway at camp CPALS.

Help us Light the Path with a customized luminary for a child going to camp! Or you may dedicate a luminary to a loved one! Upon purchase, you will receive an email for customization.


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